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General terms and conditions – Sun Iceland Eco Village


§ 1 Agreement – Down payment

1.1 The accommodation contract is through the adoption of the Party’s order (hereinafter referred to as contractor or guest) by the operator of the accommodation (hereinafter referred to as Proprietor) materialize. Electronic declarations shall be deemed received when the parties to whom they are intended can retrieve these under ordinary circumstances, and the access is to the published business hours of the Proprietor.

1.2 The Proprietor shall be entitled to enter into the Accommodation Agreement under the condition that the Party makes a down payment.
In this case, the accommodation provider is obliged to inform the required down payment before accepting the written or verbal order of the contractor, the contractor. to the Party agrees to the down payment (in writing or orally), the accommodation contract shall come into existence of consent on the payment of the deposit of the contractor at the accommodation.

1.3 The contractor is obligated to pay the deposit at least 7 days before the accommodation. The costs for the financial transaction (for example, transfer charges) borne by the contractor. For credit and debit cards the relevant conditions of the issuing company.

1.4 The deposit is a partial payment of the agreed remuneration.


§ 2 Start and end of accommodation

2.1 The contractor has the right to occupy the rented rooms from 15.00 on the agreed date ( “arrival”) relate.

2.2 The rented rooms shall be vacated by the contractor on the day of departure until 11.00 am. The accommodation provider is entitled to charge an extra day if the rented rooms are not vacated in time.


§ 3 Withdrawal from the Accommodation Agreement – Cancellation fee

3.1 Withdrawal by the accommodation
If the Accommodation Agreement and a deposit before the deposit was
not done by the contractor on time, the Proprietor may not
withdraw grace of the Accommodation Agreement.
3.2 If the guest does not arrive by 16.00 on the agreed day of arrival, there is no obligation to provide accommodation, unless a later Ankunftszeit-
point was agreed.

3.3 If the contractor a deposit (see 1.3) is issued, however, the premises until no later than 11:00 of the agreed date of arrival the following day to be reserved.

3.4 No later than 3 days before the agreed date of arrival
can the accommodation contract will be canceled by both the hotelier and the guest, free of charge.

3.5 Disabilities arrival. If the Party on the date of arrival do not appear in the accommodation because all travel options are impossible due to unforeseeable extraordinary events (for example, extreme weather conditions, storm, extreme swell), the contractor is not obliged to pay the agreed remuneration for the date of arrival.

3.6. The fee payment obligation for the booked stay shall revive as arrivals on again when the arrival within the booked period is possible.


§ 4 Provision of substitute accommodation

4.1 The Proprietor may provide the Party or the guests with adequate substitute accommodation (same quality) available if this is reasonable for the Party, particularly if the difference is insignificant and properly justified.

4.2 An objective justification is for example given when the room (rooms) have become unusable (are), guests extend their stay, the establishment is overbooked or other important operational-market measures make this step necessary.


§ 5 Rights of the contractor

By entering into an accommodation contract the contractor acquires the right to use the rented rooms and the facilities of the accommodation, the usual manner and are accessible to the guests for use without any special conditions, and to the usual services. The contractor must exercise its rights according to the house rules.


§ 6 Obligations of the Party

6.1 The contractor shall, within the time of departure to pay the agreed remuneration plus any extra amounts that have and / or the accompanying guests incurred on use of special services by him.

6.2 The accommodation provider is not obliged to accept foreign currencies. Accepts the Proprietor foreign currencies, they are taken in payment by expediency at the current rate. If the Proprietor accepts foreign currencies or cashless means of payment, the contractor soträgt any associated costs, eg for inquiries with banks, phone calls, etc.

6.3 The contractor is liable to the hotelier for any damage caused by themselves or the Guest or any other persons who answer with the knowledge or intention of the Party services of the Proprietor.


§ 7 Rights of the Proprietor

7.1 If the Party refuses to pay the specified payment amount or is in arrears, so the accomodation is the statutory lien on the by the contractor or the introduced the guest to things. This retention or lien
is the Proprietor further to secure its claims under the Accommodation Agreement, particularly for catering, other expenses made for the Party and for any damages of any kind to.

7.2 The Proprietor shall be entitled at any time to issue invoices or interim invoices for its services.


§ 8 Plichten the Proprietor

8.1 The hotelier is obliged to provide the agreed services to its appropriate standard.

8.2 If the Party or the Guest the Proprietor upon request, to back their items in a special deposit
terlegen without delay, the hotelier has consist of any liability

8.3 The safekeeping of valuables, money and securities, the Proprietor may refuse if it is significantly more valuable, enter as guests of the accommodating establishment usually in custody.


§ 9 Prolongation of the accommodation

9.1 The contractor is not entitled sure that prolongation of their stay. Announces the contractor’s wish to extend your stay in time, the hotelier may agree to the extension of the accommodation contract. The accommodation provider applies to any obligation.

9.2 If the Party is the day of departure the accommodation facility did not leave because of unforeseeable exceptional circumstances (for example, storm, no Fährmöglichkeit etc.) all out options disabled or are not usable, so the accommodation contract for the duration of such prevention from departure will be automatically renewed. A reduction of the fee for this period may only be possible if the other party for the offered services of the accommodating establishment due to the
exceptional weather conditions do not use fully
n can. The accommodation provider is entitled to a minimum the remuneration corresponding to the price usually charged in the low season.

§ 9 Termination of the Accommodation Agreement – Early cancellation

9.1 If the Accommodation Agreement has been made for a definite period, it ends with timing.

9.2 If the Party leaves prematurely, the Proprietor shall be entitled to demand the full payment amount. The hotelier shall deduct what he what he saves as a result of non-use of his service or obtained by another letting of the ordered room. Such savings shall only if the Beherbergungsbetriebim time of non-use of reserved by the guest space is fully utilized and the room can be rented due to the cancellation by the Party to other guests. The burden of saving borne by the Buyer.


§ 10 Sickness or death of the guest

10.1 a guest becomes ill during his stay in the accommodation, as is the Proprietor care on the guest’s request for medical care. Is imminent danger, the Proprietor is the medical care
even without the special request of the guest cause this particularly when this is necessary and the guest is not this itself is capable.

10.2 As long as the guest is unable to make decisions or their family of the guest can not be contacted, the Proprietor shall arrange on expense of the Guest for medical treatment. However, the extent of such care shall end as soon, as the Guest is able to make decisions or their family has been informed about the sickness.

10.3 The hotelier has against the contractor and the host or in case of death against their successors, in particular for the following expenses:

a) unsettled medical costs, costs for ambulance transports, drugs and medical aids
b) become necessary room disinfection,
c) have become unusable, laundry, bedding and furnishings, other-
otherwise the disinfection of thorough cleaning of all these items,
d) restoration of walls, fixtures and fittings, carpets etc,
if these were contaminated or damaged in relation with the sickness or death,
e) room and the guest was, plus any days of the rooms are unusable due
Disinfection, vacation.
f) any other damage incurred by the Proprietor.


§ 11 Place of performance, jurisdiction and applicable law

11.1 Place of performance is the place where the accommodating establishment is situated.
11.2 This Agreement is governed Cambodian procedural and substantive law, excluding the rules of private international law.

11.3 Exclusive jurisdiction is in two Entrepreneur, the domicile of the Proprietor, the Proprietor shall also be entitled to assert its rights before any other competent court location and matter.


§ 12 Miscellaneous
In the case of regulatory gaps the relevant statutory provisions.


Sihanoukville, Cambodia – August 2016

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